Monday, November 10, 2008

las montañas.

ever since i got here i have been hearing about this town called ainsa (ine-suh) and i how it was one of the places i definitely had to go see. so, this past sunday, susana, sarmite and i went on a little day trip up to ainsa. it's a really old town, i think it was built in the 1100's. it's almost in los pirineos (the pyrenees), but not quite. we walked around for while, got some coffee, then drove a little further north to stop at a hotel and eat lunch. the drive was incredible!! we got into the mountains and the view was just breathtaking. the trees are all changing, and you can snow on the tops of the mountains and sometimes we would pass little waterfalls. i was in awe the whole time. lunch was great, i ate lamb for the first time, and i liked it a lot. i really like how when you sit down for a big meal here it takes a long time. they do the multi-course thing here and i think we should adopt it back home. it lets you really enjoy the food and the company. so after our long lunch, we kept driving north through the mountains and got almost to france(all we had to do was drive through a little tunnel. so lainers, i guess you could say i was in spance?) when we turned to the west and drove to the national park of monte perdido and ordesa. it was GORGEOUS. the pictures dont do it justice at all. there was snow everywhere and it was one of those moments that i couldn't believe what an awesome life God has blessed me with.

the pirineos in the distance.

one of the towers in ainsa.

monte something, i cant remember the name


Anonymous said...

those -ance borders can be tricky, i hear you should stay away from crepes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the coat looks good on you. I thought I saw someone fly fishing in one picture and then the cow picture - how do they get them to line up in order like that. Do they go to cow school or something? Enjoyed hearing about your trip. countryside looks beautiful. Love, dad