Thursday, November 27, 2008

estoy agradecido para...

this week in my classes we have been talking about thanksgiving. i told them the history of the tradition, how we celebrate it today and i told them a little bit about how we watch football and the macy's parade. then i showed them on the board how to trace their hand and draw a turkey, and even though i had just finished telling them how we eat turkey at thanksgiving, they all thought my hand turkey was a pigeon. they also had to think of two things they were thankful for and write them on their paper. i don't really know if they understood why we celebrate thanksgiving... probably not, but at least they know that it exists, and if need be they can draw a turkey using their hand. i took some pictures in one class of the kids and their turkeys. happy thanksgiving!

this was my favorite turkey out of all of them. check out those large talons!

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brent said...

that last one is definitely the best. it was great to talk to you on thanksgiving. cant wait to pick you up on the 18th!!!