Sunday, July 15, 2007

well, i am sitting in the dfw airport and ill be here for approximately another three hours. i got to come home to be in my cousins wedding and im so glad i was able to bc i would have been really sad to miss it. it was good to see my family and everything, and now im heading back to san jose for two and a half more weeks.

i just wanted to post this link to more picture for yall to look at. its a lot easier to put them on this site than on the blog, so hopefully yall will be able to get to it pretty easily.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

this is a picture of me and adrienne and two precious little girls from the church. we met them during a food break during an all night prayer meeting at the churhc. it was from 7 at night to 5 the next morning, and of course it was all in spanish. that was pretty much our first exposure to the church, and it was a really good thing, but it was really hard to sit there and not understand much of what was being said, and stay awake. but it was good.

this is a picture of the avocados at la ferria, the outdoor market, that we went to on the first weekend we were here. the avocados are huge and really really delicious

this is called pipa, and its a coconut before it turns brown, they cut the top off and theres water inside and you drink wiht a straw. its pretty good, but really strange. we saw sooo many different kinds of fruits and vegetables, more than i even knew existed.

this is our whole group, jen, marisa, me and adrienne, from left to right. marisa and i live together wiht the preachers family and they are great. the other two girls live together with another family from the church. this picture was taken after we went to the funeral of the dad's mom from the other family. she passed away on wed, and the funeral was on thursday. it was really weird to go to the funeral of a person i had never met, and it was only two weeks after my grandpa's funeral, so it was pretty tough not to think about him and everything we were doing right before i left.

ok this is the volcano that we went to last weekend. its called arenal and i think it is the most active in costa rica, and maybe one of the most active in central america. anyways, if you didnt know it was a volcano, there would really be know way of telling that it wasnt just a big mountain. but knowing that it is a volcano makes it cool. and you can see the cooled lava on one side of it, but not in that picture.
we spent the day there with some other people from the institute and it was a lot of fun and good to get away for a day.

ok so thats all the pictures i have for now. i know its not many, but my internet connection isnt very trusty, so i didnt want to try to do more.

we go to spanish class from 12:30 to 3:15 everyday, and i really enjoy it. i realized that if i really want to be fluent in spanish, it is probably going to take longer than two months to get there. im still trying to figure it all out though. we go to church with our family on sundays, and then they have church on tues. night and thurs. night instead of wed. we were supposed to have a youth activity this past sunday, but it got moved to this coming sunday, i think bc of fathers day. i am looking forward to getting to spend time with all of the youth bc we havent really had a chance to be with all of them together yet.
ok well i need to go to bed. love you all. thanks for reading, and leave me a message!!

this is a test to see if i can put pictures up more easily than i did when i was in oxford.