Monday, May 11, 2009

tres semanas

i only have three weeks left of class. it is mind boggling that my time here in spain is coming to an end, and i'm not quite sure how to feel about it. three weeks ago i was so ready to be home, but now that it is coming closer and closer i am starting to remember how much i like life here and what i am going to miss about it. don't get me wrong, i am still really excited about seeing everyone, moving in with the girls i'm moving in with, and starting school(shock of a lifetime, i'm actually looking forward to school). also, i really hate the feeling of knowing that something is ending and saying bye. i would almost rather just leave tomorrow than go through this whole last month of being like oh this is the last time i will get to do this, or this is my second to last class and things like that. i guess i should just not think about that and then it will be fine, but it's hard not to.

anyways, the last month since greece has been really fun. i went to barcelona with sarmite for a weekend with the sole purpose of going to the beach and getting a tan. mission accomplished. then the next weekend i went with her and some of her friends from when she did a study abroad in lithuania to granada. it. was. amazing. soo pretty and just a really great atmosphere in the town. the most famous thing there is the alhambra, which we did not go inside of and now i'm wishing we had. but anyways, it was a fun weekend with fun people. then this past weekend i went to visit dre for the last time in oxford. she and her 2 housemates, tess and patty, were having a garden party at their house. they all invited friends from their churches, jobs and classes and they had a really good turnout. it was really fun bc i didnt know anyone there besides the housemates and two other friends of dre's that i met over easter, but spent the whole night talking to people and never felt out of place or anything. on saturday we went to high tea where we had great scones with strawberry jam, finger sandwiches, cake and of course, tea. we had been talking about doing high tea since we were in oxford the first time, so it was nice to finally do it, and i have finally eaten a cucumber sandwich and it was really good. we also went and saw star trek, which was so good. i love actiony/adventure/sci fi kinds of movies, and i was so glad dre was willing to go with me. usually those aren't her fav types of movies, but she enjoyed it too. so, all you blog readers, go see star trek.
now i will leave you with some photos from the last month. the first one is actually from greece. i wrote about how dre and i put greek yogurt on our sun burns, and i got the pictures from her this weekend so i wanted to put this one up.