Tuesday, May 25, 2010

la boda de kylie y trenton

i decided to keep up the theme of spanish titles, because i'm soon to be in another spanish speaking country and i. can't. wait. i leave in less than two weeks and i'm so excited to see what is to come. more about that later.

the real reason for today's post is that my friend kylie got married to trenton pope. their story is pretty cute... he liked her for a long time, she went back and forth and couldn't make up her mind about him and then finally realized that she liked him too, and had liked him all along. when i met kylie my junior year she and trenton were hanging out a lot and i remember her bringing him over to our house. most of the time trenton was the only guy around, and he took it like a champ. one of the my best memories was kylie telling all of us that she loved trenton and that she was going to tell him so in the next few days. she was giddy like a little kid before christmas and it was so cute. we were all so excited and were trying to help her think of a way to tell him. when she left our house she had decided to wait a little longer, but then the next day she told us that she had gone to his house that night and told him. i can't be sure, but i think i knew then they would end up getting married. fast forward two years, i'm living in spain and kylie and trenton are in their senior year at acu. i knew the proposal was coming at anytime and i was asking kylie about it everyime i talked to her. so one day she sent me an email that said "call me asap" and i knew it had happened. i'm pretty sure i teared up before i even had a chance to call her.
i've had the pleasure of living with kylie for the last year and it has been so great. i didn't have time to miss spain too much because there was always something fun going on around here. i was so honored to get to be a part of kylie's big day and i loved being around to help out with planning and then getting to see it all come together last weekend was so much fun. everything looked great, the day was pretty much perfect, but the best part of all was that when it came down to it, kylie didn't care about all that. it was so obvious that she cared more about starting her life with trenton than about what the cake looked like or how the food turned out. i've always been bad with conclusions and this post has taken a sentimental turn that i wasn't expecting, so i'm ending this by posting a video that i made of all of us getting ready during the day. love you kylie and trenton!!

Wedding Day from amy couchman on Vimeo.