Saturday, January 31, 2009


i am about to move into a new apartment (like in the next twenty minutes) and i am sitting here looking around at all my stuff. i came here with a large suitcase, a large backpack, a large carry-on duffle and a purse. i didn't pack very carefully since i only have to put the things in a car and then carry them up one flight of stairs, but it looks like i have accumulated a lot of stuff in only four months. but if you know me, then you know that is very likely. i've used all of the aforementioned luggage items, plus a lot of grocery bags to carry the rest of the odds and ends that wouldn't fit in the big bags.

i just realized that i've already written about how i'm moving, so this post is going to end right here. but i'll leave a preview for what my next post will be about...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

un buen descanso

so i have been taking a little break from blogging, but not really intentionally. there hasn't been to much spanish news to update on. i had an absolutely wonderful time at home and a huge thanks to my parents for bringing me home bc i definitely couldn't have paid for my own ticket home. it was soo good to see my whole family and a lot of my friends. i stayed a few days in dallas with brent and linds, went to lubbock to see all the family, then i was in austin for new year's eve with my ACU friends, then the whole fam went back up to dallas for a few days right before i left. i ate sooo much food and went to all my favorite restaurants and saw some great movies. i tried to fit in all the things that i really love doing and i think i got most of them i.

when i was leaving to come back, i was strangely void of feelings. i just felt really neutral about coming back. it's hard to explain but it wasn't a positive or a negative thing. i was just coming back and that's it. it's weird to feel that way about something as big as leaving the country for another five months, so i don't really know that means. anyways, i got stuck in paris for 7 hours in a freezing cold terminal. something was wrong with our plane so they found us another one and then when we finally boarded, i fell asleep right away, and when i woke up an hour later, we were STILL on the ground. yikes, it was a long day.
but i made it back to Barbastro, and things are going well. I am happy to be back in school. the kids are still precious, and in one of the classes one of the boys yelled "she came back, she came back!" so that was nice to see they were excited to have me back.

this coming wednesday, Dre is coming to visit me and I am so excited. i don't really know what we are going to do, but I know it will be fun and i can't wait. Another big thing coming up is that i am moving! a friend of mine found an apartment and asked me to move in with her right before i went home for christmas, and its cheaper and i don't have to live with carmen anymore. if you remember, carmen is the woman who owns the house that i currently live in, the one who smelled my jacket. she is a very nice woman, but its like living with a very in-your-business mom, which thankfully is not the kind of mom i have. and i haven't even been living with my own mom for four years now. anyways, she's just a little too much for me, and i am looking forward to living somewhere that, hopefully, i feel more at home. anyways, i will put up pictures when i move in, or maybe you will get some more cribs action.

hasta luego.