Sunday, July 15, 2007

well, i am sitting in the dfw airport and ill be here for approximately another three hours. i got to come home to be in my cousins wedding and im so glad i was able to bc i would have been really sad to miss it. it was good to see my family and everything, and now im heading back to san jose for two and a half more weeks.

i just wanted to post this link to more picture for yall to look at. its a lot easier to put them on this site than on the blog, so hopefully yall will be able to get to it pretty easily.

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Becky said...

Hey Amy, It was so good to see you at the wedding and you looked SO beautiful! I am just the proudest aunt.... you are a wonderful young lady and I love you! Thanks for the Coffee and the coffe beans... they are both really good! You are a sweetie and know I am thinking about you! Stay safe and I love you!