Thursday, November 06, 2008


last weekend i went to barcelona with 4 girls- 3 spanish and 1 latvian. we were going to see Mamma Mia in a theater, and at first i thought it would be in english bc its a musical and i didn't figure they translate those. but apparently they do, even the songs. the singers were all pretty good so it was entertaining and kinda funny to hear the more famous songs in spanish. i found out afterwards that abba released a lot of music in spanish. if you would like to hear some abba classics in spanish, here's a "killer mix of the worlds greatest group in the wonderful language Espanol! :)" that's a direct quote from the youtube page.

just in case you opted not to listen to the entire 7 minute sample of abba in spanish, i will just tell you that sometimes they leave a few words in english so that the song will still flow, for example they still say "super trooper" and "dancing queen". in some of the songs though, they would change the lyrics so it said something completely different, but still sounded similar to the original. the funniest one to me was the song "take a chance on me", which they changed to say "chico, ven aqui", which means "come here boy". so you know the part where they say the "ch" sound a lot of times back to back? well in the spanish version they are saying chico instead of chance,and for some reason that one made me laugh a lot. it also made me think of kojie sing song which was a little unpleasant.

during the day we walked all over the place and went to see a lot of the places i had already seen when i was in barcelona before. but it was still cool and we had a lot of fun. the musical didnt start until 10:00, so before we headed over to that we went to a manga expo, which was maybe the single weirdest experience of my life. manga is a japanese cartoon that is really popular all over the world and apparently really big here in spain. the girl we were staying with was working at a booth, so we went to see her and ended up staying at this places for atleast two hours. it was insane. people were dressed up like cartoon characters ALL OVER THE PLACE. and i dont mean like mickey mouse or daffy duck. these are weird anime characters that i couldnt even begin to descibe to you. so lucky for you, i took pictures.


brent said...

no pictures of batman?!?!?

Anonymous said...

looks like a beautiful view, especially the girl in the picture. I'm showing jackie how to end a comment. love dad

Anonymous said...

Jackie says, hi!

Suzanne said...

I love the Manga pictures! I can't imagine how much fun it would be to be there with you to hear your comments in person.

Also, I'm so glad that you get internet at your house now. I always love iChatting with you!

I'm excited to meet the students that you bring back with you. They are so cute!