Sunday, October 19, 2008


in one of my other posts i said that i was attempting to eat like the spanish do, at the same weird times and all the same strange foods. today my goal was put to the test. one of my housemates told me that he was going to make a paella and asked if i would like to learn how and then eat with him and the other housemate. so of course i said yes, bc i want to learn how to cook spanish food, and especially paella bc i've had it before and i really liked it. just in case you dont know, paella is a rice dish that originated in valencia, and its pronounced like pie-ay-uh. so he asks me, "do you like fish?" and i say yes, though in reality there are only certain kinds of fish that i like, and they usually aren't too fishy. but then he said "and sardines?" and then i got nervous. sardines. they just sound gross. so i said, "well i've never had them, but i'll try them". so at two thirty today, he started cooking. lunch. at two thirty. he pulls the sardines out and thank goodness, they had already been beheaded and deboned and did not look like what i was imagining.

after another hour of cooking the paella was finally done. it was really good, sardines and all. i think i would rather make it with chicken, but at least now i know i can eat sardines if i have to.


bpad8 said...

You are so brave!!!! Hope this finds you doing really good! I love reading your blog and just know I am always thinking of you!!!
love you mamy jo

Anonymous said...

Way to try new things Jo!! I really enjoy the blog since I don't get to talk to you very much. I just got sad. Love you!


Kristen said...

JO!!! I am so proud of your bravery! haha and I miss you so much too, probably more than Allie so don't listen to her! j/k we both miss you and love you and talk about you (mostly good) and can't wait for your return!