Monday, October 06, 2008


i've only been here for four days, but it already feels like a lot longer. i arrived on thursday night, spent friday meeting my teachers and trying to get some things taken care of. those first two days were not so great. meeting the teachers was great. i got to sit in on one class and everyone i met was so nice, but like i said in my last post i'm not the kind of person who needs a lot of alone time, and in reality i tend to avoid it. so spending most of the day walking around these narrow windy streets... alone... then thinking about the prospect of having to eat dinner... alone... and then thinking about what i would do for the rest of the weekend...alone... was a little too much for me to handle on friday night. i had a little bit of a breakdown when i talked to my dad for the first time, and he later told me that he was fighting the urge to jump on a plane and come over here to help. haha. anyways, i tell you all that to say that things are much, much better now. everyone that i talked to on friday said they were praying for me, and God definitely answered their prayers. saturday morning i met up with a girl named Sarmite ( sar-mee- tay). she is from latvia, and she's teaching english in a catholic school here in barbastro. we spent about five hours walking around town and talking about life in latvia and the states, and the weird things here in spain. we met up with a teacher from her school for coffee, and then got an invite to go out with them later that night.we spent the whole day together, and i can´t even describe how thankful i was to have a friend that day. she even offered to let me stay in her apartment until i find one so that i dont have to keep paying for the hotel. and then she came and helped me move all my stuff over to her place. i am very blessed to have met her and have her for a friend for this next year. i'm still looking for a place and i have a few leads, so hopefully something will work out very soon. im grateful to be staying with sarmite, but i would much rather have my own place.
on a different note, i had my first classes today! i already know i am going to love it. the kids and their accents are so cute. for my first day, i told them about myself, and showed them the USA, Texas and Boerne on different maps, and then passed around a few pictures of friends and family. then they each had to stand up and introduce themselves and say how old they are and how many brothers and sisters they have. some of them had no idea what the were saying, they would just repeat what the person before them had said. i loved it. the teacher, Isabel, had them draw a picture of me and copy down a sentence about me. some of the pictures were pretty funny, but some of them were actually pretty good. i still have one more class today, but right now i'm about to go eat lunch with some of the teachers in the cafeteria.
¡hasta luego y mucho amor!


Anonymous said...

Amy Jo! I am so glad you are doing better and that God is answering all our prayers to keep you safe! I love your posts and love your adventures... I cannot wait to hear more from you!! Love you forever, becky

Anonymous said...

This is your Dad - Blog! love ya