Friday, September 01, 2006

well, i am finally here. after months of thinking about this and planning for it, and yes, even crying about it, i am finally here. its crazy. i dont think ive really realized that im going to be here for three and a half months,but i know that i am going to love it. so mostly all we have done is look around town and try and figure things out. the houses are great and the morgans (our on-site directors and my second cousins. ha.) are great and everything is great. when i left on wednesday, i was exhausted and because of that i started crying about every ten minutes (very annoying, bc i couldnt stop myself) but ever since we got here its just been great. i just said great a whole lot. dad if you are reading this you probably are wondering how i am your daughter and such a bad writer. haha. we got here on thursday at about 10 and i went to bed at ten that night. we got to go into town for a little while and ate dinner at a little place. i had some kind of pasta. go figure. then we came back and tried to stay awake so we could get used to the time change. today i woke up and a few of us went to the university parks, which is this huge park that i think has more trees than all of abilene. it was beautful. i have decided that i love trees, and i would love to have an avenue of trees in front of my house. i took a picture of one, but its not that good. anyways, i went walking around the park with fellow student that i didnt know yet, but she is cool and now we are friends. it's very cool how fast i am becoming friends with these people. i cant wait to see how tight we all are by the end. we had an orientation today, which like everything here was much better than a normal orientation. we found out our class schedule, which is great... i dont have class til one on monday and wed. and nine on tue/thur! we also found out all our travel breaks and class trips. i am going to be in spain in two weeks, and paris in three!! crazy. we took a double decker tour bus around town to see the sights and after the tour we stayed in town, walked to jericho, a part of oxford that is close to our house and me and three others (two of whom i didnt know before this trip) ate at this fish and chips place. im still not sure if i like fish and chips so i got roasted chicken and it was on the bone, which i wasnt expecting. but it was good and cheap. we walked back to the house, then went to university parks for about an hour to throw around a frisbee-brent its the best frisbee place ever- if i have money some day, i will build a park like this for acu. or not, but someone should. after that, we came back to the house and after a little while headed back into town to go to our first pub. we went to this one that katie found in her europe guidebook, but it was really crowded, so we went to this other one that had some tables outside. it was pretty fun and had a cool atmosphere. then we headed back to the houses and thats the end of our second day. it feels like forever since we got here, but ive only slept once. now it is 3:30 am our time and i cant believe that im not dead tired. anyways, tomorrow we have a free day and i think we are going to try and go back to the park, a free museum, and cook dinner here at the house. i am trying to figure out how the best way to post a lot of pictures at one time, but i think i will deal with that tomorrow. its 4 oclock in the morning here! what am i doing up? thanks for reading, and sorry for all the detail, but its about the only way i can tell a story. leave me a comment so i know who's reading! much love.


Becky Paden said...

Amy JO! How exciting for you! This is going to be such an adventure for you and I am so very happy that you are able to be in Oxford. You are going to touch so many lives with your beautiful smile and sweet spirit. Oxford isn't going to know what hit them with you being there! You mom said you met someone from Shallowater that knows TJ? Just goes to show you how small our world really is. I am saving your blog on my favorites and will check and comment as often as I can. I love you very much! Take care, study hard, and have LOTS of fun!

Your Favorite Aunt Becky

Rosalyn said...

Amy Jo...I just found your blog and I'm so excited to read it and keep up with you!!!! Just try the fish-n-chips I think you will like it...can't wait to read all your stories!