Saturday, September 02, 2006

ok ive finally figured out how to do pictures....


this is is katie, g, dre and i in the dallas airport right before we boarded the plane


this is house #9, which i live in, and it has a blue door, and i love it.


this is another house with a colored door. pretty much all of them have colored doors, and i think i will never have a regular door again.


a cool thing in the middle of town, i dont know what it is but people sit on the steps of it


church tower. i think this is the church that is quite close to our house, but im not sure.


i live here!


awkward tourist pic in front of christ's church, which is not a church but a school, i think. also harry potter was filmed here.


yea siggies!


in front of christ's church. i hate when people cut off the tops of buildings in pics so that they can get the persons legs. oh well...


this is an avenue of trees, and i want one in front of my house one day. in the old days, they used to have an avenue of trees going up to the door of large manors. on our way from london to oxford on thursday, we drove by one but the house wasnt there anymore, just the trees.


somewhere in oxford.


i dont know what this is.


i think this is the radcliffe camera, i dont know what it is but is very old and very cool looking.


so im a pretty good photographer.haha


i love this kind of lights.


me and g


me and dre


i love the sky in the background of this pic.

ok thats it for now. hope yall are all doing well!


James Henley said...

JoJo, that's so cool that you are in England. I have always wanted to go there so I think I will live vicariously through your blog. Have fun. Love the pics.

Mr. W said...

You don't understand how Nostalgic I am right now... and even moreso, how much I am wishing we all studied abroad together. Live it up my friends, live it up...

brYIN said...

ha...ha...ha you think your so funny making fun of harry potter dont you. well as the last desende..nt of mr. potter(because i have his scar) i will destroy you and you muggle kind when i come there in november. which i am very excited about. how are the calzones by the doesnt matter. what does matter is that i will eliminate the muggle kind...did you send me anything yet?