Saturday, April 04, 2009

angeles de abilene

at the end of february i went to Barcelona to meet up with some of the ACU students who are in Oxford this semester. I only knew one of them, and not even that well. it was Bryan's friend Tate, and then 4 girls who pledged Siggies this past year, and then a few other kids that i didn't have any connection with, but all of them turned out to be really fun. before i went, I kept thinking that they were probably going to think I was a freak for wanting to come hang out with them without having ever met most of them, but I decided to just go anyways. I am soooo glad that I did. It was such a blast. i fell more in love with barcelona, and i think it may be my favorite big european city. we did a lot of stuff that i had already done in barcelona, but it was fun being around people from my same background, but in a totally different context. plus they are just fun people. i'm going to get to see them again when i'm in oxford next week and i'm so glad.

tomorrow i am leaving for greece/oxford and i'm soo excited!! prayers for safe travel would be appreciated!!

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